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The Duke Legal Nurse Consulting programs are designed for registered nurses who are intrigued by the legal issues related to the medical field.  Becoming a legal nurse consultant is the perfect way to combine medical knowledge and experience with legal work.  Are you curious about the law and its application to standards of care?  Are you looking for a way to enhance your clinical work or to take your career to a new level?  Read about our options for training as a legal nurse and prepare to take on this new challenge in your professional life.

Both the classroom and online Legal Nurse Consulting programs are non-credit certificate programs offered by Duke University Continuing Studies and are not affiliated with Duke University Health System.

Program History:

Duke began a classroom based program in Legal Nurse Consulting in May 2009.  The curriculum was developed in partnership with the Eastern North Carolina Chapter of the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants.  These legal nurses have continued to work with us as instructors and nurse planners to offer the program.  We have fine-tuned our classroom program with much success and are ready to bring the curriculum to a wider audience.

The online program is based on our classroom program’s curriculum, but has been modified to suit the needs of nurses who cannot attend classes in Durham.  We are excited to offer this program with the experienced legal nurses as instructors and believe that those who enroll and complete the program will gain the knowledge that will empower them to succeed as legal nurse consultants.

  • Module 1- Introduction to Legal Nurse Consulting
  • Module 2- Legal Theory and Fundamentals
  • Module 3- Case Analysis for Long Term Care and Medical Malpractice
  • Module 4- Case Analysis for Personal Injury and Worker's Compensation
  • Module 5- LNC Role in Discovery: Trial Preparation and Forensic Nursing
  • Module 6- Business Principles


  • Convenience of learning on your time at your pace
  • Sophisticated online learning tools to make learning interesting
  • Access to instructors with the experience and dedication to help you succeed
  • Earn a certificate from Duke University no matter where you are
  • Experience a comprehensive curriculum in one six month program
  • Begin your LNC practice anywhere in the United States and do it with confidence

Our online program enables you to start at any time and offers students email access to experienced legal nurse consultants who are dedicated to helping you succeed in your legal nurse training. Experience sophisticated learning software that doesn’t just require you to read, but allows you to see and hear the information as well. Our curriculum offers the foundation you need to get started as a legal nurse consultant anywhere in the United States.

Please note that the online program is not currently able to offer continuing education credits.


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