FAQ - Enrolled Students - Coming to Campus

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How will I be able to share my travel plans?

Students and families will receive forms in an email requesting final travel plans with Duke Pre-College. Final travel plans must be shared prior to arrival day.

Can students arrive to campus a day early?

No. Arrival days are the first day of a residential program. Students should plan to move on campus the Sunday prior to the start of the first day of in person class.

Is transportation provided for students arriving by plane?

Yes. The program provides transportation on arrival and departure days for students arriving by plane.

What time should students arrive to campus on move in days?

Arrival days students can check in on campus from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (EST). Students are asked to be on campus prior to 7:00 pm to attend a required residential orientation.

What time should a student check out on the last day of a session?

The last day of class is a regular day when final presentations are usually scheduled. Class ends at 3:00 pm (EST) and students are asked to leave campus by 5:00 pm (EST).

Can a student leave the last day early?

Yes. If a student has travel plans that require departing outside the hours outlined above on the final day, the program may be able to accommodate the transport to the airport. Please notify the staff as soon as possible to discuss.

What should I bring?

We will email a “What to Bring” list prior to the start of the program.

Can I visit with friends in their dorm rooms or have visitors in my room?

No, students cannot visit other dorm rooms, and no other visitors are allowed in your room at any time. The program will provide time for students to interact outside of the classroom throughout their time on campus.

Who should I talk to if I’m not feeling well?

Students should report any symptoms to their assigned residential counselor. The counselor will then work along with the medical coordinator for the program to provide the student with the help they require.

Can I change to another class?

Students cannot change courses once they arrive on campus.

Will I have a roommate?

Yes, each student will have one roommate. All of the dorm rooms are double occupancy.

My friend and I would like to be roommates. Can we request that accommodation?

We believe strongly in the value of the campus residential experience so you will have the opportunity to complete a profile through our CampDoc document collection system beginning in May. There you will list likes and dislikes and well as other information that will be used to pair you with a complementary roommate. While no one can guarantee a “perfect roommate” assignment, we have found that answers to these questions provide a reasonable starting point for establishing a relationship from which students can develop a mutually rewarding roommate experience.

What happens on the weekend?

The residential staff will create and facilitate activities held for our participants during the weekend between their class sessions. Participants from all of our programs will have the opportunity to interact with one another as well as decide in which activities they would like to participate such as movie nights, campus tours, college preparation discussions, sports, writing workshops, arts, card games, dramatic presentations, and more.

How many students are in each class?

Each residential and hybrid course has a maximum capacity of 30 students. Each lab week course has a maximum of 20.

Will any COVID testing be required prior to arrival?

Yes. All residential Participants must have a negative COVID test (PCR) 72 hours prior to arrival to campus. Participants will be required to show documentation during the in-take process. Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms should not report to camp until after receiving a negative test.

Any Participant who tests positive while on campus will be removed from participation and must have a parent or designated adult caregiver pick up the individual.

Can parents enter the residential hall upon arrival to assist with move in?

No. Non-participants may be not enter any campus building or facility. Parents can deliver Participants to the designated drop-off area and unload items as needed there.

Can I arrive before the check-in date (Sunday before the courses begin) or stay after the course is over (Friday of that last week of class)? 

No. Students are required to arrive and depart on scheduled days and may not arrive early or leave late. We do not have staffing, housing, or meals outside of those designated times.

If Pre-College is not taking me to the airport, can I leave campus on my own? 

No, either parents/guardians or an adult designated by parents/guardians must check-out every student on the last day. Please note minors cannot stay in hotels nor take taxis or rideshares to and from campus without their parents/guardians.