Legal Nurse Consulting as a Career

What is an LNC?

LNCs combine nursing expertise with legal knowledge to advise attorneys, and others, on matters involving medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability, workers' compensation, healthcare licensure investigations, and other healthcare related cases. 

What do LNCs do?

  • review and analyze medical records
  • screen for record tampering
  • interview clients
  • conduct research and summarize medical literature 
  • evaluate liabilities and damages
  • assist with discovery and depositions
  • prepare exhibits and render informed opinions to attorneys on the delivery of health care and its outcomes for specific cases
  • assist in the selection of expert witnesses as needed
  • serve as expert witnesses in cases involving nursing standards of care or related matters

LNCC Certification Exam

For more information on the LNCC exam, please visit the AALNC website.