Six Sigma Yellow Belt

This program, created in affiliation with MindEdge and Six Sigma Black Belts, prepares students for the MindEdge Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Exam and provides information to those interested in learning about Six Sigma processes.

Six Sigma, which was created in the mid-1980’s, is a management approach meant to improve the quality of products or services by eliminating the variation that causes defects and errors. Six Sigma aims for processes where outputs are 99.9997% statistically free from defects.

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt Program focuses on one of the two methodologies of six sigma: DMAIC, which stands for “Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.” DMAIC is used to improve the quality of an existing business practice and can benefit organizations across a broad scope of different industries and business sectors.

Why choose the Duke Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certificate program?

  • Curriculum vetted by Black Belts and Master Black Belts
  •  Offered entirely online and self-paced
  • Six Sigma is viewed as a “New Culture” within many organizations
  • Allows eight months to complete the program
  • Awards a certificate of completion from Duke University
  • Qualifies students for the MindEdge Six Sigma Yellow Belt exam

This course provides 2 IACET CEU credits and 20 PMI PDUs. Students have access to the program for eight months.

This self-paced program teachers students Six Sigma concepts, strategies, tools, and techniques to be used in process improvement projects. The course is divided into modules that explain key foundational Six Sigma information, guide students through the five steps of the DMAIC methodology, and demonstrate how a Six Sigma approach can benefit organizations in several, diverse industries or business sectors. Course assignments show the tools and skills practitioners will use in support of process improvement activities, and explain how participants can contribute as important members of improvement teams.

After finishing the program, Students should be able to do the following:

  • Explain the concepts, tools, techniques, and strategies used in Six Sigma projects
  • Describe the five stages of the DMAIC methodology and identify the factors that will improve its chances of success
  • Assist in the application of specific tools and techniques in support of process improvement activities
  • Demonstrate mastery of the skills and information covered in the MindEdge Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Exam

This course has an "Ask the Expert" feature, which submits your questions directly to an expert in the field you are studying. Questions are answered as quickly as possible and usually within 24-48 hours.

Each course has a link for students to “Report an Error” that connects students to MindEdge’s technical staff. Technical concerns should be directed to MindEdge via the feedback tool within the course. Students will receive an answer by email within 3 business days, whether weekday or weekend.

Students have access to the course for eight months. The amount of time needed to finish will vary from student to student, but we estimate that the program will take between 20-23 hours to complete. Please note that the MindEdge Yellow Belt Certification Exam is not included as part of the tuition and must be purchased separately from MindEdge.

Quizzes and Testing

Throughout the program, learners will be tested on their understanding and comprehension of program topics through challenging exercises, and interactive games. Each module also includes comprehensive quizzes and tests that learners can use to gauge their progress and prepare for each of the 25-question practice exams at the program’s end. Video segments from subject matter experts also supplement the course material, to provide real-world examples and enhanced understanding of important concepts and best practices. Students will receive feedback on both wrong and right answers to quizzes throughout each module.

To obtain the certificate and receive the IACET CEU and PDU credits, students must complete all course work and quizzes within the eight month period and score a minimum of 70% on all exams. Students are allowed three attempts on all exams.

There are no courses open for enrollment at this time.


All registrants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Possess word processing and internet skills.
  • Be fluent in the English language (including reading and writing).
  • Have a familiarity with how online programs work and comfort in using them. 
  • Be computer literate, have reliable internet access and a valid email account.  (Please note personal email accounts are preferred as they are less likely to trigger fire walls and spam filters.)
  • Meet the computer technical requirements specifications.
  • Students must return a signed terms of use contract.
  • Tuition must be paid in full, or the student must have a certified loan and notify Duke Continuing Studies of such loan prior to being granted access to the program.

Admission is discretionary. The office of Duke Continuing Studies, Professional Certificate Programs, requires students be a least 18 years of age and meet minimum suitability standards.  Students are not matriculated Duke University students and university student privileges do not apply to Continuing Studies students.

Duke Continuing Studies reserves the exclusive right, at its sole and absolute discretion, to withhold registration or require withdrawal from the program of any student or applicant.

The materials used in this course, including video lessons, workbooks, quizzes and tests, are copyrighted. They are intended for individual use by registered students.  Unauthorized or illegal use, or attempted unauthorized or illegal use, of these materials may result in a suspension and/or cancellation of the user’s account without refund.

Certificate requirements

In order to receive a certificate from Duke University and qualify for the MindEdge Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Exam (not included in tuition), students must successfully:

  • Pay tuition in full (upon registration)
  • Complete all assignments and tests with a minimum score of 70% (Students have three attempts at all graded exams).
  • Complete the program within the eight month time frame

Technical requirements

  • Operating System:
    • Windows Vista SP2 or newer
    • Mac OS 10.5 or higher
    • Linux/Unix (any recent version)
  • Hardware:
    • video card
    • sound card and headphones or speakers (some assignments have audio components)
  •  Software:
  • Web Browser:
    • The last three versions of the major browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer.
    • Other web browsers may work, but may not render all features of the courses
    • Cookies must be enabled
    • JavaScript must be enabled
  • Internet:
    • Reliable internet connection. Broadband cable or high-speed DSL is recommended for optimal experience.
    •  E-mail account (to be able to register and to receive e-mail from the course system regarding registration, course status, etc.)

Students must also have the following:

  • Skype or its equivalent (available for download online)
  • The latest Adobe Flash Player (free download available at
  • The latest Adobe Reader/Acrobat Reader (free download available at
  • Reliable internet connection with a bandwidth of at least 500kbs (typical DSL is 1.5 to 6Mbs) and web browser (Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer)
  • E-mail account (to be able to register and to receive e-mail from the system regarding registration, course status, etc.)

Course materials, such as streaming video lessons, are generally accessible via smart phones, but some functionality may be limited or unavailable. Other devices such as Blackberries may not be supported.

Each course has a link for students to “Report an Error” that connects students to MindEdge’s technical staff. Technical concerns will be directed to MindEdge via the feedback tool within the course. Learners will receive an answer within three days, whether weekday or weekend by email.


Registration is ongoing; therefore students can begin the program when it is convenient for them!

Registration is not available June 21 - June 30 annually due to the close of the fiscal year for the university.

Note: our enrollment system is a separate system from that used for your online training, and therefore, access to the online training is not an automated process upon your registration. Please be aware that there may be a time delay of up to 5 business days before you receive the email with your access to the online program. This delay will not affect your allotted completion time for the program. Please check your spam/junk folder because sometimes the access emails end up there.


  1. Register for program using the link provided below, pay in full and return a signed program policy to the program manager.
  2. After returning the program policy, students will receive an email from the Duke Program manager within five business days (excluding holidays) with log-in instructions.
    • Please note personal email accounts are preferred as they are less likely to trigger fire walls and spam filters
  3. Log-in and begin coursework.
    • Please note the eight months of access begins on the date the access email is sent from Duke Continuing Studies. The completion deadline will be listed on the access email.

Registration Methods

  1. Register Online using a credit card with our secure, real-time registration system. Add the course to your shopping cart and follow the instructions for checking out.
  2. Register by Phone at 919-684-6259 during our business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm EST) to register. 

Is this program affiliated with any other office at Duke University?

This program is not affiliated with any other Duke office. It is offered exclusively through Duke Continuing Studies in a collaboration with MindEdge. 

Does Duke faculty serve as instructors/mentors/subject matter experts in the program?

For programs that include such features (not all do) we have chosen as instructors to use individuals who practice, and in many cases are certified, in the subject matter area being taught to enrich the professional working adult learning experience.

Is this program offered online only?

Yes, this program is exclusively offered online and is self-paced.  No classroom-based Six Sigma programs are currently available.

Are books included in the cost of this program?

No, there are no books required for this program. However, students will be able to download materials throughout the program.

Who should take this course?

This course is intended for adult students who are interested in taking the MindEdge Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Exam and / or who are interested in learning about Six Sigma processes.

Do I have to log on a certain times on certain days?

No, these courses are completely self-paced so students may schedule their coursework as they so desire within the allotted access time.

Are there any prerequisites for this program?

No, but we do recommend that students have some prior experience with project and process management practices. 

Will the Six Sigma staff assist me in finding a position?

It is incumbent upon the student to seek his/her own employment through their own endeavors. Duke Office of Continuing Studies provides no assistance with job search, career placement and/or internships nor make any claim or warrant this program will result in obtaining a position of a result of completion.

While we can’t guarantee you a position will be obtained, we can assure you that you will receive excellent training to enhance your Six Sigma skill set and prepare you for the MindEdge Six Sigma Yellow Belt exam.

When is registration open?

Students may register between July 1 and June 20 each year. Online registration is available 24/7 and the Office of Continuing Studies is open via phone (excluding Duke Holidays) for registration at (919) 684-6259 (toll free 866-edu-duke) between the hours of 8am and 5pm EST, Monday through Friday. Registration is not available from June 21 - June 30 annually due to the close of the fiscal year for the university.

After registering, when will students receive additional program details?

Registered students, after returning a signed program policy, will receive web access information via email from Duke Continuing Studies within five business days from receipt of the required materials (excluding Duke Holidays).

What is the refund policy for the Six Sigma Yellow Belt course?

There are no refunds given for online courses and tuition cannot be applied to other programs offered by Duke Continuing Studies.

How long does the program take to complete?

This access period for this program is eight months. Students are able to work through the program at their own pace, thus completion time will vary by student.

How do students earn a certificate of completion from Duke Continuing Studies?

Students who complete all coursework and receive an average score of 70% or higher on all exams within the eight month time frame and who have paid tuition in full (upon registration) will receive a certificate of completion from Duke Continuing Studies. The certificate will be mailed from Duke Continuing Studies upon completion of the program. Please allow up to 30 days to receive certificate.

How do students receive the IACET CEUs and PDUs?

Students must achieve an average test score of at least 70% to meet the minimum successful completion requirement and qualify to receive IACET CEU and PDU credits. Students will have three attempts at all graded assessments.

Upon completion of the Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course, how can students become certified?

Students will be eligible to sit for the Six Sigma Yellow Belt exam offered and purchased separately through MindEdge. Duke Continuing Studies will connect students with MindEdge but will not have any other involvement in the certification process.

What are the requirements for recertification?

Students will be required to pass the recertification exam every three years. This exam is offered through MindEdge and student will need to contact MindEdge directly for information regarding recertification fees.

Will students be required to earn CE credits to maintain the Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification?

No, students will just need to pass the exam.

Is access to a computer required during this program?

This is an exclusively online program and access to a reliable computer is required for the duration of the program.

What are the technical requirements for accessing this online program?

See the Requirements section.

Can students download program files to save for later use?

No, but there are downloadable study materials for the student. All materials used in this course, including video lessons, workbooks, quizzes and tests, are copyrighted. They are intended for individual use by registered students.  Unauthorized or illegal use, or attempted unauthorized or illegal use, of these materials may result in a suspension and/or cancellation of the user’s account without refund. 

How can students contact technical support?

Each course has a link for students to “Report an Error” that connects students to MindEdge’s technical staff. Technical concerns will be directed to MindEdge via the feedback tool within the course. Learners will receive an answer within three days, whether weekday or weekend by email.

See the Requirements section for supported platforms.

Tuition: $399

Payment is due in full upon registration. Loans must be certified and approved by Duke Continuing Studies prior to starting program.

There are no books required to be purchased for this program. Students can download material throughout the program.

Active Duke University and Health System staff are eligible to receive a $40 discount on the tuition for this program. In order to take advantage of this discount, you must request it at the time of registration and register via phone at 919-684-6259 during regular business hours.  Please note that you cannot register online and receive the discount. Please be prepared to provide your Duke Unique ID and department at the time of registration.

  • Student must register and pay tuition in full or have loan “certified” by Duke Continuing Studies, as well as return a signed copy of the Terms of Use agreement, prior to receiving program access
  • Questions:  Contact Program Manager at 919-684-3379 

Group Discount

Do you have a group (Duke or non-Duke entity) interested in training? Contact the Program Manager for details.

Funding Sources

No loans can be construed to imply any degree-seeking status for students of Duke Continuing studies. Duke Continuing Studies courses are non-credit.

Duke Continuing Studies (DCS) will not certify (approve) loan amounts greater than the amount of the tuition regardless of the amount approved by the lending agency. DCS reserves the right to reject any loan which exceeds the tuition amount. DCS will not be responsible for refunding monies in excess of the tuition. Students needing to secure loan funding for books or other items in relation to the program are responsible for making separate loan arrangements with the funding agency. No loan funds will be refunded to the student.

Should a student choose to borrow less than the tuition amount, the balance must be paid prior to the close of the registration period.

Funding Sources

Our Professional Certificate programs are non-credit (not degree applicable); therefore, they are NOT eligible for federal education loans. DO NOT SUBMIT FAFSA FORMS for these programs. Some of our programs may offer payment plans. Please see individual program web pages for those details.

Other Funding Sources

The funding options listed below may not be applicable to all programs at this time. Please contact the organization offering the funding to see if you qualify and if the funds can be used for the program in which you are interested.

Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan

To apply for this private student loan, visit Sallie Mae’s website, and click the I’m ready to apply button. The following application should populate with the pertinent information for Duke Continuing Studies.

  • Under Loan Needs, select Student and then Undergraduate degree.
  • Select Career training school.
  • Select North Carolina from the drop down menu.
  • Under name of school begin typing DUKE PROFESSIONAL, then select DUKE PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATES, DURHAM, NC, 00292099 when it populates.
  • Click Continue.
  • Next, You've confirmed that you want a Smart Option Student Loan for DUKE PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATES will appear.
  • Click Continue.
  • Fill out Basic Information.
  • Fill out Permanent Address section.
  • Fill out School Information.
    • DUKE PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATES, DURHAM, NC, 00292099 should already have populated for the school.
    • Select Certificate for Degree/Certificate of Study.
    • Select your Specialty or select Other if it is not shown in the options.
    • Select Half Time for Enrollment Status.
    • Select Certificate/Continuing Ed for Grade Level.
    • Enter your Loan period begins and loan period end dates.
    • Enter your Anticipated Graduation / Completion.
    • Enter loan amount. NOTE: This may not exceed the cost of tuition.
    • Estimated financial assistance should be $0.00.
    • Under Loan request, click Use calculated need.
    • Do not check any box in typical school expenses.
  • Follow the remaining loan application prompts.
Wells Fargo Graduate Loan

Please note that Wells Fargo is no longer accepting new applications for their private student loans. However, students with an outstanding balance on a Wells Fargo private student loan may be eligible to be borrowers on a new private loan. See here for details.

Duke Hospital Employees

Duke University Hospital employees may be eligible for support from the Employee Development Initiative (EDI), which helps employees pay for short-term career-related programs, workshops, and seminars. For more information, visit the Employee Development Initiative site or call Duke Hospital Human Resources at (919) 668-2170.

Workforce Investment Act

The WIA provides professional and basic skills training services to those who have been unable to find employment. Please keep in mind that this process can be lengthy, so plan to apply well in advance of the program start date.  For more information on eligibility, the application process, or to find your local Workforce Development Board, visit the NC JobLink Career Center website.


AmeriCorps Education Awards are available only for AmeriCorps volunteers and can be used for educational expenses for non-degree courses, such as Continuing Education courses offered by qualified schools. For more information on qualified schools and programs, contact the National Service Trust at 1-800-942-2677, or visit the FAQ page of the AmeriCorps website.

Wire Transfers

Contact our registration office at for details on how to send wire transfers. Very specific instructions must be followed in order for our office to receive a successful transfer.

Online Refund Policy

There are no refunds or cancellations for online courses.

Tax Deductions

Course fees and expenses are sometimes tax deductible. Please consult an accountant concerning this matter. Non-credit programs at Duke Continuing Studies do not generate 1098-T forms, in accordance with the following IRS guideline:

  • Instructions for Forms 1098-E and 1098-T published by the Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, states “You do not have to file Form 1098-T or furnish a statement for: Courses for which no academic credit is offered, even if the student is otherwise enrolled in a degree program…”