Nonprofit Management Custom Training Program

Let Duke Nonprofit Management Program offer Custom Training for your organization!

Training is customized from existing programs and/or developed through consultation with staff. It may include individual classes, programs, specialty training, etc.

Partners benefit from Duke Custom Training in the following ways:

  • Receive customized training
  • Offers short/long term classes or programs
  • May eliminate or reduce travel time and expenses
  • Offers training Virtual via Zoom, or at a site provided by the sponsor
  • Cost-effective
  • Offers interactive sessions designed to strengthen team-building

Partners / Contacts:

  • The Cameron Foundation (Petersburg, VA) Contact: Jill Coleman, Vice-President for Programs, 804-732-8900,
  • The Community Foundation of NC East (Greenville, Wilmington, NC) Contact: Melissa Spain, CEO/Exec Director, 252-756-8549,
  • Dan River Nonprofit Network (Danville, VA), Contact: Evelyn Riley, Executive Director, 434-285-2100 x 701,

To inquire about Nonprofit Management Custom Training, contact Nancy Love, Staff will set up a planning meeting to discuss your training needs, develop the program, and deliver training designed for your organization. The Duke NPM Program provides custom training to several partners in NC and VA.