Academic Writing: Composing the College Essay (Online)

Are you eager to improve your academic writing abilities? Not sure where to begin with your college essay? Writing is hard work! Contrary to the widespread assumption that some people are born with a “gift” for writing and others are not, writing is a skill that must be learned. Learn to express complex ideas and capture your unique voice as you compose your personal statement for college admissions! 

Gain greater facility in the practice and work of writing, showcase your academic abilities, and present yourself and your experiences in an original, memorable personal statement. By the end of the course, you will have strengthened your writing abilities, academic presentation skills, and captured your voice as a young scholar. Prepare a first draft of your personal statement that you can be proud of. Acquire a solid foundation that will set you apart and on a path to success- from admissions and beyond!  


How to Apply

Duke Pre-College uses a 2-step enrollment process: 

  1. First, students apply to the Pre-College program, indicating their course(s) of interest. 
  2. After they receive notification of their acceptance into Duke Pre-College, they enroll in the course(s) indicated in their Pre-College Application. 

Learn more on our How to Apply page.