Anatomy, Histology, & Pathology

Thank you for your interest, but applications for this course are currently closed as it has reached capacity.

Have you ever heard the saying, "beauty is on the inside"? Those who study the human body's inner workings could not agree more! Beneath the surface, you can see the beauty and intricacy of all the different types of cells you comprised of by learning histology, the study of the structure and correlating function of tissues and cells using precise slide staining techniques and high-powered microscopes. Discover anatomy, histology, and pathology in the medical field through a series of lectures, group activities, hypothesis development skills and hands-on lab experience!  

Engage with Duke University School of Medicine resources and state-of-the-art research labs as you learn the different tissues in your body and how they work in harmony to allow you to perform daily functions. Investigate the appearance of cells in various organ systems, including cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, reproductive and nervous. After seeing the normal tissue state, you will explore the appearance of cells in various disease states (pathology), such as bone osteoporosis, myocardial heart infarction, neoplasms and more. Develop and test your hypotheses about tissues and disease using histologic staining!

Participate in hands-on lab demonstrations with peer research teams to learn and perform hand on tissue fixation, staining and mounting of slides for histological examination using high-quality virtual slides. If you have always been curious about what makes you win that soccer game, ace a math test, and what makes you, you, go beneath the surface, discover answers and see that beauty really is on the inside!