What are the physics behind actually launching a rocket into space? What aspects does NASA have to consider before constructing a spacecraft that can safely travel into the next frontier? How can we improve on what we already know to build more efficient rockets? As space exploration becomes more commonplace the knowledge behind the structures that get us there expands. Discover this field of engineering where completing the build of a project is only the start of the journey!

Start off by designing and constructing a simple model rocket before eventually developing an upgraded version suited to go further than you ever imagined. Explore the effects of action and reaction forces and then apply your understanding to manipulate and optimize the flight your design. Demonstrate science processing skills, an ability to use technological design, and an ability to identify factors that affect motion and forces. Learn how topics such as cosmology and astrophysics intertwine with the mathematical properties of your work.  

Through tools like calculus and physics, rocketry is a section of the engineering discipline that allows for exploration while utilizing different areas of study to make the most dynamic product possible. Bring your ideas and by learning new theories, techniques, and tools take them to the next level!