Bioethics in Global Surgery

Did you know that over five billion people worldwide do not have access to safe, affordable surgical care? How do surgeons choose which patients to treat when resources are scarce? If a medical center has limited capacity, how would patients be prioritized? If only one operating room is available, which patient would be selected first? Learn how "bioethics," the ethics of medical and biological research, impacts surgeons and other healthcare professionals' decisions and treatment plans for patients.

Learn what it is like to be a global surgeon committed to improving surgical care and health equity for patients worldwide. Analyze how leaders and organizations are impacting the field of global surgery. Hear from Duke University medical experts and other professionals working to ensure access, equity and the best medical outcomes for their patients.

Work with teams of peers committed to confronting health challenges. Explore and debate case studies related to global surgery – from "white knight syndrome" to inadequate resources and infrastructure challenges. Learn foundational principles for understanding bioethical difficulties within the field of global surgery so you can become one of the next global health leaders transforming access and medical care for all patients!