Biomedical Engineering: Fantastic Hearts

Did you know that the heart is an efficient machine that runs on “biological” electricity? The one thing that keeps us alive is an electrical pump that provides blood to the whole body and keeps us moving and thriving. If we think of the heart as a machine, then there are ways to study and enhance it. This is where the intersection between medicine and engineering happens! Biomedical engineering applies the problem-solving techniques of engineering to biology and medicine in order to innovate healthcare solutions.

Discover what it is like to be a biomedical engineer by studying the heart from an electrical, mechanical, and hemodynamics (fluid dynamics of the blood) perspective. Learn about the anatomy and physiology of the heart. Code and model the heart and its different systems using programming platforms and languages, MATLAB and Python. Use tools like ECGsim and CircAdapt to model heart function and cardiac diseases using advanced math concepts. Work with other scientifically-minded peers on a final project to model and present a specific heart disease. Discover biomedical engineering and the amazing possibilities of the field!