Cardiovascular Disease and Global Distributions

Did you know that Cardiovascular Disease is the global leading cause of death? Which factors contribute to this disease? Who is most impacted? What can be done to help solve this global health challenge? Discover what doctors, researchers, and policymakers from around the world are doing to understand better and treat cardiovascular diseases.

Investigate questions and solutions from the perspective of a global health expert. Learn from Duke University researchers to explore topics including infectious disease in the heart, strokes, biomedical engineered tissue, surgical techniques and more! Develop a foundational knowledge of heart anatomy and function and the current distribution of cardiovascular diseases worldwide. Examine the physiological mechanisms through which specific cardiovascular diseases develop and persist in global communities. Learn about innovative treatment options and current research areas that provide viable and effective solutions to cardiovascular diseases.

Take part in independent and collaborative projects with teams of peers in which you will:

  • Develop and present a health strategy proposal to address a real-world community affected by cardiovascular disease.
  • Present research findings on a current cardiovascular disease. 
  • Design a poster to simulate the work of a contemporary research scientist.