Cyber Connections: Health and Harm in Digital Communications

What is your pandemic story? How do our personal viewpoints and public discourse fit together online? Explore the relationships between public communication spaces and individual experience as you investigate current public health issues online.

Experience guest visits from professors and professionals across the Duke University community, including: The Duke Center for Data and Visualization Sciences, the Sanford School of Public Policy, and the Duke Medical School. Learn about their work in digital humanities, public health and multimedia storytelling around topics, such as:

  • Health discourse on social and news media.
  • Ways of handling conflicts online.
  • Interactive tools to share research findings with the public.
  • Noteworthy digital creations emerging this year.

Create and analyze digital content – from infographic concept maps, video op-eds, podcasts to multimedia essays – using knowledge from across the social sciences and communication studies. Learn how these disciplines intersect with public health and the digital humanities. Immerse in multimedia readings, group presentations and discussions. As you become a more informed consumer and creator of digital content, you will identify your personal values as a global digital citizen and put them to practice in your lasting presence online.

Discover your scope for self-expression and poised, value-driven communication arising from thoughtful, creative engagement with digital media as a new generation of healthcare professionals and policy-makers take their places on the digital stage!