Academic Coordinator

Academic Coordinator (1)

Position Summary:

Academic Coordinators are responsible for overseeing all academic aspects of Duke Pre-College Programs. This includes leading orientation for students and instructional team members. Once the programs begin, they work closely with Instructors, Teaching Associates, Academic Program Assistants, and Lab Coordinators to ensure that each course’s logistical needs are met and that instructors have pedagogical support. Academic Coordinators are responsible for working directly with staff and students to meet each participant’s academic needs through advising sessions and/or one-on-one tutoring pertaining to college success skills. Academic Coordinators will train and directly supervise an Academic Program Assistant. The position requires being on campus Monday - Friday, as well as support during weekend events, such as arrival and departure days.

*Although the Academic Coordinator is required to be highly visible while on campus, living on campus is not required but is an option.


The successful candidate will have a bachelor’s degree, preferably in education or another related area, with a master’s degree preferred; have classroom and educational leadership experience, including academic coaching; enjoy spending structured and unstructured time with young people; have effective communication and interpersonal skills; and, are able to provide leadership for the staff.

General Expectations:

  • Maintain the highest level of attention to risk management and safety for staff and students.
  • Understand and adhere to FERPA, HIPPA, TITLE IX, and confidentiality guidelines.
  • Possess cultural sensitivity awareness and a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  •  Work with the Duke Pre-College administrative staff to train and mentor an Academic Program Assistant.
  • Demonstrate a strong understanding of all student and staff materials having reviewed and learned these prior to the start of the program.
  • Be active on campus during Duke Pre-College summer program dates and maintain high visibility and availability for the duration of the program for risk management purposes.
  • Lead, guide, and support students and staff and set the tone of the site through a consistent, positive interpersonal style while performing job duties.
  • Remain committed to working as a team player and have the ability to work independently when appropriate.
  • Uphold all Duke University policies as applied to the Duke Pre-College Summer Programs.

Specific Duties:

  • Work in unison with and receive mentorship from the Pre-College Program administrative staff.
  • Ensure copies of academic materials are complete and provided to Duke Pre-College administrative staff in a timely manner along with any supply
  • requests.
  • Directly mentor and evaluate Academic Program Assistants, Instructors, and Teaching Associates.
  •  Work with administrative staff to train Academic Program Assistants, Instructors and Teaching Associates.
  • Coordinate all academic logistics.
  • Communicate with the instructional and administrative staff prior to the program.
  • Regularly attend administrative meetings and conduct regular meetings with instructional staff.
  • Prepare for and lead academic orientation.
  • Monitor academic progress of students and refer students to academic resources.
  • Facilitate the distribution of Narrative Assessments and Certificates of Completion for each course.
  • Inventory and store all instructional materials at the end of the program and assist the residential and logistics staff with other closing duties, as needed.
  •  Work closely with the residential and logistics teams to ensure communication across departments is clear and consistent.
  • Perform additional duties as deemed necessary by Program Director.

Additional Requirements:

  • Should driving be required, provide documentation of a clean driving record from the last three years and be comfortable driving Duke University vehicles.
  • Agree not to consume alcoholic beverages on Duke University’s campus, nor be on campus in an inebriated state.
  • Provide a written report two weeks after the program to the director outlining program highlights and success as well as suggestions for future improvement and growth.
  • Successfully pass the Duke University criminal background check and online training for working with minors.
  • Agree to adhere to all duties before, during, and after the program as outlined in the staff materials.

Dates and Compensation:

Salary term: June 12 – July 28, 2023
A salary of $6,400 plus meals and activities fees, as well as campus housing as needed.