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What drives Elon Musk’s thriving empire? How does Apple’s strategy help it succeed? How do firms interact with their customers, suppliers, and competitors to earn sustained profits? How do firms strategize to differentiate themselves from their competition? Why do firms fail?

If you are an aspiring CEO or want to start your own business, explore entrepreneurship at Duke this summer. Uncover the secrets of the entrepreneurial mindset that characterize success. Discover analytical methods that help top companies differentiate themselves from competition. Learn essential business concepts like Porter’s Five Forces and how they guide firms in interacting with their customers, suppliers, and competitors to earn sustained profits and scale. Hear from startup founders about their experience. Engage with your peers in evaluating different courses of action a company can take. Hone your presentation and collaboration skills in building a business plan and negotiating in our own version of the Shark Tank. And, learn the practical take home skills of personal branding, negotiation and entrepreneurial finance in a fast-paced and experiential way.


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