Environmental Art: Exploring Ecology with Upcycled Materials

How do ecosystems work? Can we protect and restore natural environments?  What role might artistic processes like “upcycling” play for environmentalism? Our local ecosystems help us better understand the health of our planet. Intersect both art and science as you learn about local ecology while living and learning at Duke!

Ecosystems can help us improve our environment, manage our natural resources, and protect human health. Use the elements and principles of art to explore the plant and animal life found at Duke. Join a global network of peers to research different ecosystems by creating maps using recycled materials that show the scale, topography, natural resources, and ecology of those areas. Conduct hands-on experiments to calculate carbon footprints, water tracking charts, and energy audits.

The course will culminate in your creation of original pieces of upcycled art using techniques such as collage, sketching, and painting. Work collaboratively with your peers to showcase the significance of ecosystems and encourage others to take care of the environment!


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