Exploring Art History through Museums, Galleries, & Archives

Ever wonder how you will be remembered generations from now? Throughout history, art has been a key to learning about the people and environments that have existed through different eras. From the structure of buildings to the interpretation of events and even to the mediums used to create the works themselves, art always provides the unique opportunity to reflect & preserve your vision of society. Through creations of your own investigate the intersection of history, art and design while you explore Duke University’s campus past and present!

Sharpen your creative lens while immersing in visual art forms and techniques through the principles of art and design. Create a portfolio of the architecture and landscape of Duke University’s West Campus using lens-based media (film, video, photography and more). Learn about Julian Abele, a prominent African-American architect who designed more than 30 buildings on Duke University’s main quadrangle – Abele Quad. Visit the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University with your like-minded peers to gain even more insight into the significance of art and design!

The class will culminate in your creation of a non-traditional self-portrait using multiple mediums and techniques including collage, print-making, drawing and painting. Incorporate natural elements and a variety of color combinations to represent your unique identity as an artist and designer. Gain the knowledge and techniques to see history and yourself from a different perspective!


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