Global Mathematics – Online

Prerequisite: Algebra II or equivalent

Do you want to learn how to sequence DNA using graph theory? Perhaps, you would like to work in the intelligence field and help decode secret messages from terrorist organizations? Maybe you see yourself as a public official dedicated to making sure elections are free and fair by preventing problems such as gerrymandering? Mathematics is truly a universal language, and now more than ever access to data and the ability to analyze it have become critical skills. Investigate real-world problems that can be tackled using mathematics!

You may be asked to investigate how Google provides search results or reconfigure the House of Representatives. These are significant scientific and social issues that leaders from small communities to large nations face. Throughout this two-week mathematical adventure, some of the topics you will investigate include:  

  • Cyphers (cryptology) 
  • Euler circuits to reconstruct DNA 
  • Gerrymandering
  • Graph theory to learn about shortest path 
  • Markov chains to investigate Google’s page rank algorithm
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Voting and apportionment theory 

You will be introduced to skills that are in demand by leaders of universities, governments, and industries. Skilled mathematicians can predict what will happen in the future and lead the way in solving not only formulas but global challenges.