Graphic Design and Entrepreneurship

Have you ever considered how your creative thinking may help you launch a new business or reach potential clients? Do you want to generate or enhance a project or even your own personal brand to stand out academically and professionally? Both graphic designers and entrepreneurs are creative problem solvers who think outside the box. Translate your ingenuity into entrepreneurial endeavors while developing a foundational knowledge of design!

Whether you have a specific project in mind or you simply want to develop new skills, this hands-on course will introduce you to the fundamentals and principles of graphic design. Engage in visual problem-solving as you develop your original digital portfolio. Tackle projects and sharpen your eye for effective design and visual organization while receiving expert feedback. Plan, develop, and execute your own project and bring your creative vision to life! 


How to Apply

Duke Pre-College uses a 2-step enrollment process: 

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  2. After they receive notification of their acceptance into Duke Pre-College, they enroll in the course(s) indicated in their Pre-College Application. 

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