Mastering the 60 Second Documentary

How often do you watch a short video clip for amusement, or even to get the information you need about a topic? We increasingly rely on short sound bites and videos for both entertainment and information. However, trying to tell a complete and humanizing story in little time takes real practice! Learn the skills and techniques too quickly convey complex information to audiences while keeping them entertained and informed. 

Experience what it is like to be a documentarian who uses tools and technologies to merge audio and visuals with mastery. Gain hands-on production skills and use advanced techniques for focusing audience attention while telling a complete narrative in only a minute. Use “B” roll footage to quickly convey meaning and practice using precise language to tell a full story in less time than it takes to microwave a bag of popcorn! 

The skills and knowledge you develop as a documentarian will help you with everything from school presentations to crafting an elevator pitch to land a job!