Media Literacy and Identity

Do you use TikTok, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube? What role does media play when it comes to your identity? How can we use media as a space for art, self-expression, critical thinking and more? Increasingly, media has become integral in both academic and professional worlds. 

Discover foundational tools and develop media literacy, interdisciplinary research methods and academic writing skills that will help you succeed in college and beyond!  

Experience guest visits from Duke University professors from Cultural Anthropology, Digital Humanities, and Media Studies. Learn first-hand from Nickelodeon animators, digital artists, filmmakers and professionals from the tech industry. Guests will discuss their academic and non-academic work, and how media literacy helped them succeed in their fields.   

Explore how media can provide us with generative spaces to express our ideas and think more broadly about the world around us. Encounter different kinds of “texts” – from scholarly articles and theoretical writing to documentaries and graphic novels. As you engage with and enhance your media knowledge, you will discover innovative new ways to express yourself.  

Navigate the crossroads of representation, ethics and the simple ways you use and encounter media!