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Thank you for your interest in this program, but we are unable to accept more applications or registrations at this time. Please explore our other opportunities and we hope to see you in summer 2024. 

Medical Research Panels

Are you fascinated by the dynamic world of medical research? Do breakthroughs in vaccine development, patient treatments, and community engagement in healthcare inspire you? Go behind the scenes to discover the groundbreaking research being conducted at Duke University through an innovative series of guest lectures, hands-on activities and tours of laboratories and other significant facilities!

Duke Pre-College Medical Research Panels provide you with an in-depth look at the cutting-edge medical research being conducted at Duke University. Hear from researchers and practitioners from the Duke University School of Medicine. Investigate laboratories and facilities where the future of healthcare and medicine is being created. Explore innovative topics and enhance your awareness of today's clinical research, problems and solutions.

Duke Pre-College Medical Panels provide you with an immersive, week-long experience consisting of guest lectures, hands-on activities and tours as you explore Duke University's campus. Step outside the traditional classroom to investigate medical research at one of the nation's leading research institutions!


How to Apply

Duke Pre-College uses a 2-step enrollment process: 

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