Memoirs, Life Stories and Personal Anecdotes

How often do you get to walk in someone else’s shoes? What makes your perspective of a story interesting?  What about the narrator makes us trust their recounting of the tale? There are several elements that make a narrative essay compelling. Learn what tools & techniques will help you evaluate what makes an effective story.

Discover how to identify & evaluate elements of a personal narrative through the assessment of essays published in the first person from a variety of authors. Examine how they begin, discuss, and conclude the stories they choose to share. Learn more about the impact that concepts such as tone, voice, and pacing have on these stories. Collaborate and brainstorm with peers about new insights to further your own ideas.

Throughout the course craft essays of your own based off of narratives that you find interesting. At the conclusion of the course you will have the opportunity to tell a story of yours in a creative way! Whether it’s delivering a dramatic performance, presenting a podcast-style recording, or even just speaking in front of the class, utilize your new skills and deliver your story in the way it deserves to be heard!