Ocean Sustainability

How can we better understand and interpret the science of marine sustainability? You might be surprised to learn that fisheries are one of the most significant interactions between people and the sea. Learn about sustainability through the impacts of climate change, use and consumption on the marine ecosystem. Search for ways to create resilience to these anthropogenic (human-caused) factors as you go behind-the-scenes at the Duke Marine Lab!

Investigate the many facets of marine fisheries sustainability – from different interactions between people and the ecosystem-to-ecosystem trophic cascades to fisheries supply chains. Explore the roles of researchers, practitioners and stakeholders. This holistic systems approach will introduce you to the ranges of research in the field – from fisheries ecology and biology to economics and political ecology.

Discover the wide range of interdisciplinary scientific materials as well as the Duke University researchers who study these fields! Come away with not only a greater understanding of sustainability and research but also the many facets of marine science and research that occur at the Duke Marine Lab!


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