Primate Conservation

Curious about lemurs and conservation? Want to learn more about prosimians and human-wildlife interactions? Discover the world of primates and examine complex conservation issues affecting primate biodiversity. Learn about lemurs and other prosimian primates and delve into conservation efforts around the world, including North Carolina!

Visit lemurs at the Duke Lemur Center and Durham Museum of Life and Science. Hear from scientific experts who study lemurs and others who are working to protect primate species around the world. Investigate global conservation initiatives dedicated to protecting primates and their habitats and get inspired to become involved in conservation efforts. Conservation leaders will share what it takes to build strong connections with communities involved in primate conservation initiatives.

Your final project will be to design your own conservation action plan with your peers. By the end of the course, you'll not only have a deeper understanding of prosimian primates and their conservation but also the inspiration and tools to become an advocate for these remarkable creatures!


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