Research Methods in an Age of Fake News

How does the business of news work? What makes a news source credible? How does advertising play a role in what information the viewer receives? Whether it’s a product, an idea, or even a news story, companies are always fighting for your attention. Learn what it takes to filter through the minutia and separate what’s actually news and what is being used to pull an audience in!

Through a platform created by the Center for Media Literacy, acquire the media literacy skills that will provide you with the proficiency to properly assess news sources. Discover how messages are designed to reach groups of people differently. Become privy to what techniques are used to draw attention towards a certain news source. Identify why certain lifestyles, values and points of view are represented in or omitted from messaging. Observe how these tools are implemented worldwide by learning about the work of the Young African Leaders Initiative’s (YALI) efforts to equip young African leaders with the skills and connections they need to foster change in their communities and their countries.

Through the advents of social media, 24-hour news cycle, and more it has become more difficult to recognize what news is legitimate and what is more for entertainment without the proper tools to assess them by. Add these journalistic skills to become a more knowledgeable and perceptive citizen and apply these abilities to your future career in media!