Sports Analytics

Have you ever wondered how the seemingly two unrelated fields of math and sports intertwine? Or how simple data analyses can help lead underdogs to win the World Series or a National Championship? Sports analytics is a new and exciting field in the world of athletics.

Through collecting our own data and that of our favorite athletes and teams, we will learn how to make better-informed decisions to give an edge to athletic performance. This class will be tailored to those who are curious-minded, passionate, and love challenging themselves in fun ways.

This course will give you a behind the scenes look at how data helps drive some of the greatest success stories in sports. We will explore how the data process (collection, organization, analyzation, and visualization) can help athletes maximize their performance and teams win more games. Find out more as you dive into the statistics of your chosen sport. You will take your passion for sports and merge it with statistical analysis to have an unbiased view on performance on the field and court. Learn to use Python to analyze team performance in sports while discovering a variety of techniques. You will be empowered to explore your own ideas about sports team performances, test them out using the data, and become a producer of sports analytics.