Video Journalism

How is the video journalism you stream on your smartphone or watch on television created? What filmmaking techniques are used to hook audiences and inform them about entertainment, politics, sports and other events that are shaping our everyday lives? Explore the world of journalism and learn the tools and techniques used to create compelling video reports!

Experience what it is like to be a journalist who composes gripping visual stories using industry standards. Learn what is newsworthy, what makes a good video report, and standards for copyright and fair use. Explore journalism ethics and how to delineate fact from opinion in a time when this is increasingly important to keep the public safe and informed. 

Work with a team of peer journalists to plan and create an original film that will be submitted to youth video journalism competitions. Your team will learn “how to find the story,” conduct effective interviews, and use filmmaking techniques to both show and tell audiences about a topic that matters. Your team’s film will be screened at the Rubenstein Arts Center at Duke University!