Writers' Studio: Podcasts and Digital Storytelling

Do you want to learn how to engage an audience with just the sound of your voice? Is the ability to communicate difficult, complex topics a vital skill that you’d like to refine? Are you interested in learning more about food science, history, technology, and more? Learn to critique award-winning podcasts, develop a script on a topic of your choice, refine your radio voice, and create a podcast!

Collaborate with a creative, innovative, and curious team of your peers to produce at least one podcast episode that will be compiled and shared with other Pre-College participants. Discover what roles, such as the producer and audio technician, are responsible for while creating a show. Visit the Duke Libraries to learn how to research the topic of interest. Hone the craft of writing scripts to hook your audience. Visit the writing studios on Duke’s campus and experience what producers, hosts, and interviewers currently in the field do to tell a digital story.

Podcasting democratizes knowledge, empowers all creators to tell and share stories, and, if executed responsibly, can encourage more ethical and moral global citizenship. No one can tell your story better than you. Join us this summer to share your story with the digital world!