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If asked to talk about abstract painting—even works we’ve encountered and found engaging—many of us struggle to put what we’d describe as feelings into words. How does an art form that owes part of its place in history to the efforts of so many American artists occupy such an odd place in our culture? This course will start with a historical grounding for looking at abstract painting by examining several stages of its development in the 20th century through a combination of lecture and discussion. As students develop a vocabulary to discuss canonical works, we will explore some contemporary work and consider the state of the art form. Students will also have class time dedicated to experimenting with making nonrepresentational artwork and will have the opportunity to try out their new vocabulary during in-class critiques of their peer's work. | Facilitated discussion; Active participation

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Abstract Painting: Theory and Practice
Online - Zoom
3:30PM to 4:45PM
Mar 15, 2021 to Apr 19, 2021
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Please note: Some of the work created for this class will occur outside of meeting time. In order for students to get feedback on their work during critiques, they will need to have the means to take an image of their work and email it to the instructor.

Required supplies/fee: Students will purchase materials independently for an estimated cost of $70. Students should come to the first class with several tubes of paint, a palette knife, and brushes. Students may choose the quantity, type, and chroma of the paints, as well as the media for their paintings—illustration board or heavyweight paper (100 lb or heavier) are both fine. Materials for sketching ideas will also be useful.