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The success of your own original art depends heavily on your compositional skills. In this course, we'll begin by learning the specific principles of composition. More importantly, though, this course will give you a bundle of hands-on experiences using different materials and creative tricks, so you can produce and recognize excellence in design. I plan to give you feedback on your projects as we work together. You will not complete a painting, but you will be bubbling with ideas that will guide all your future creations. Who knew that learning composition skills could be this much fun? Participants in Art Composition do not need any prior experience or training whatsoever. | Active participation; Lecture + Q&A; Facilitated discussion; Viewing videos.

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Art Composition
Online - Zoom
1:30PM to 3:30PM
Sep 18, 2020 to Oct 23, 2020
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Please note: There are no art prerequisites for this course.

Required supplies/fee:

Students will purchase materials independently for an estimated cost of $35.

Watercolor paints (could be professional or a cheap student set); an assortment of several paint brushes; 2 or 3 sheets of cheap watercolor paper about 8" X 11";          at least 5 Strathmore watercolor greeting cards (They come in pkg of 10+); scissors, paper glue, water container, pencil, eraser; ballpoint pen or a Micron black pen with a small tip or an extra fine sharpie; clear packing tape (about 2" wide, or strips of ordinary scotch tape can do); sheets of construction paper (2 black, 5 white, 2 gray, 2 of another color); few sheets of ordinary (copy/typing) paper; 2+ old magazines; camera; access to a copy machine is helpful.