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Our country has labored for many years to make seemingly significant racial progress. However, we are currently faced with the challenge of defending against the threat that is attempting to unwind our enduring efforts of the past. We are confronted once again with an incendiary environment of racial tension. No group promoting its superiority over others will create a healthy and stable climate in America for authentic interracial harmony. Using a combination of lecture and guest presentations, we will address some of the hidden causes of racism and its psychological effects on our community life. In addition, we will highlight the value and importance of our humanity, which is common in all of us despite our race, religion, and ethnicity. You will have the opportunity to reflect on and discuss these concepts as they are presented in breakout rooms. | Lecture + Q&A; Facilitated discussion; Zoom breakouts; Viewing videos.

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Racism, Religion & Reconciliation: Tensions in America
Online - Zoom
11:00AM to 12:30PM
Sep 17, 2020 to Nov 19, 2020
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Class sessions are recorded.

Recommended text:
Carol Anderson, White Rage (9781632864130)

Required text:
Imam W. Deen Mohammed and Ronald Shaheed, On Racism, Religion And Reconciliation (9780692983300)