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The role of journalism is forever controversial. From muckraking exposes in the 19th century to current condemnation as “the enemy of the people,” the reporting and publication of news is praised and vilified. Technology amplifies everything: The Internet is destroying newspapers’ advertising income, cell phones and Twitter make television news seem irrelevant, and Zoom interviews are an unexpected outcome of the coronavirus pandemic. Such new storytelling techniques are becoming the norm. At the same time, the notion of objectivity is challenged by audiences that seek a reflection of their own beliefs and values. Journalists are torn between being even-handed and reporting with “moral clarity” about racism and politics in society. Overlaying these concerns about fairness and fact-checking is the looming 2020 presidential election. We will explore whether ethical standards are changing, among other questions. The class format is a lecture plus questions and facilitated discussion. | Lecture + Q&A; Facilitated discussion; Listening to audio recordings; Viewing videos.

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The New New New Journalism
Online - Zoom
9:00AM to 10:15AM
Sep 16, 2020 to Oct 21, 2020
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