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Many painters have trouble mixing clear colors and are frustrated when they end up with muddy results. This course will teach students how to mix colors, how to use a limited palette and an expanded palette, and how to identify the value of their colors to create the light effects they desire. There will be demonstrations, instructions, and exercises in class and homework. Students will use their own painting supplies. The course is suitable for painters at every level. There is a private Facebook page for my students where they may post their paintings and thoughts and where I post ideas and enrichment. Participation on Facebook is optional. | Active participation.

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Joyful Color and Light: Mixing Beautiful Color and Using It to Create the Look You Want
Online - Zoom
1:30PM to 2:45PM
Feb 15, 2021 to Apr 05, 2021
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Required supplies/fee: Students will purchase materials independently for an estimated cost of $50. Since this is an "any media" class, students will use their own supplies: paint, brushes, painting surfaces. They will want to have basic colors: cadmium yellow light, cadmium red or napthol red, ultramarine blue. I recommend using professional quality paints such as Gamblin, Winsor Newton, Holbein. Students also need a sketchpad and a palette for mixing paint. Fees will vary according to what student needs to buy. If any student needs advice about supplies I will be happy to help.