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This course is conducted at an advanced-intermediate or low-advanced competency in French. It covers France from 1958 to 1995. The Fourth Republic succumbed to the Algerian War. The Fifth Republic was born with a new constitution giving the executive strong powers. Charles de Gaulle became its first president. Leery of US hegemony, de Gaulle withdrew France’s troops from NATO. After him, various presidents and prime ministers led France to prosperity and modernization. Laws were adopted on contraception, abortion, and divorce, and on working conditions and wages. However, May 1968 brought paralysis to France for several weeks. With the OPEC crisis in 1973, the country launched itself into an ambitious nuclear program. Education reforms provided a common basis of knowledge up to age 15. France forged ahead with the creation of a European Union. Three presidents were forced to “cohabit” with a prime minister of an opposing party. Literature and the arts reflect all these changes. | Facilitated discussion.

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La France 1958-1995: Histoire, arts et société
Online - Zoom
1:30PM to 2:45PM
Feb 18, 2021 to Apr 22, 2021
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