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Memoirish 2.0 is a six-week course offering participants the opportunity to delve deep and be part of a small community of fellow aspiring memoir writers. This course is most appropriate for those who have done some writing and editing of family stories and who are prepared to share their writing in class. With the exception of a few warm-up exercises, most of the writing will happen outside of class. Participants will learn how to navigate many of the challenges common to memoir, including where to start, what to include and leave out, how to tell your truth, and how to address writing about those who are still alive. The course is limited to 10 participants so the instructor can spend class time each week with members, ensuring each has the chance to read portions of their work and receive in-class feedback. | Active participation.
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Memoirish 2.0: Write Your Life Stories
Online - Zoom
3:30PM to 5:30PM
Sep 15, 2021 to Oct 20, 2021
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