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In the past year, we have seen protestors wear shirts emblazoned with "Camp Auschwitz" and "6MWE." What did that mean? Why do Jews continue to be targets for hate? Why did the Nazis specifically target Jews for elimination during the Holocaust? Who are the Jews? What is Judaism ? What is anti-Semitism? Is being anti-Israel the same as being anti-Semitic? Through the use of videos, lectures, and discussions, this course will explore one of the most often asked questions about the Holocaust and recent events in our society: why the Jews? While not a course on theology or modern politics, we will gain a better understanding of: (1) Jews and Judaism, (2) the long history of Jewish hatred, (3) what led to the murder of six million Jews during the Holocaust, (4) some myths and facts about Israel, and (5) why we continue to see an increase in anti-Semitism today. | Lecture + Q&A.
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Why the Jews?
Online - Zoom
11:00AM to 12:15PM
May 19, 2021 to Jun 23, 2021
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