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What makes Jungian depth psychology compelling today? C. G. Jung said, "What is not brought to consciousness comes to us as fate." In this course, an overview of Jung's life will show how his ideas evolved and how he described our stages of life. The treasure of dreams will be demonstrated in a brief movie showing a series of paintings based on dreams. We will discuss how to attend to our dreams and review examples of life-changing dreams. Other approaches to the personal and collective unconscious will be introduced and discussed. Finding our personal archetypes of shadow and anima and animus may guide us deeper into our rejected selves. Drawing mandalas and holding the tension of opposites may lead to an integration toward wholeness and the self. As Jung said to the BBC, "I do not believe in God. I know God." What do direct experiences of the numinous, synchronicities, and the unus mundus mean to us? Each class will have a lecture, discussion, time for reflection, and interaction. | Facilitated discussion.
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Jungian Depth Psychology
Online - Zoom
1:30PM to 2:45PM
May 20, 2021 to Jun 24, 2021
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Class sessions are recorded.

Recommended reading:

Anthony Storr, The Essential Jung (9780691024554)

Carl Gustav Jung, Man and His Symbols (9780385052214)