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The course will consist of the following lectures: (1) Nicolaus Copernicus’s Famous Book: The Birth of Modern Astronomy; (2) When Einstein Changed the World: The Story of 1905, Einstein’s Incredible Year; (3) The Origin of the Elements, and Why We Are, in Fact, Made of Star Dust; (4) Einstein’s Biggest Blunder; (5) Dark Matter and Dark Energy: Unknown Forces Controlling the Universe; and (6) Space Travel: Fact or Fantasy? While there is some overlap, the lectures are mainly stand-alone, and no formal background in physics or astronomy is assumed. From Copernicus to space travel, the topics range over 500 years, but the instructor will attempt to demystify arcane technical aspects and show connections to everyday life where they exist. | Lecture + Q&A.
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Topics in Astrophysics
Online - Zoom
9:00AM to 10:15AM
May 18, 2021 to Jun 22, 2021
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Class sessions are recorded.

Recommended reading:

Owen Gingerich, The Book Nobody Read: Chasing the Revolutions of Nicolaus Copernicus (9780802714152)

Neil de Grasse Tyson, Astrophysics for People in a Hurry (9780393609394)

Walter Isaacson, Einstein: His Life and Universe (9780743264747)