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This two-session course considers both the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on caregiving and the growing awareness of the importance of family caregiving as part of our public health infrastructure, and it provides guidance to prepare caregivers and care recipients for managing a little discussed but vital responsibility. The course is structured around the unique 10-point training curriculum of the Institute for Family Caregiving (IFC) that suggests a practical approach to the caregiving role and details the responsibilities of the caregiver and care recipient in that relationship. The first class gives a sketch of family caregiving with a focus on the accelerating demand driven by aging baby boomers. The second class looks in depth at the day-to-day work of family caregivers, particularly the complexities of interfacing with the health care system and providers, the challenges of care coordination, costs, self-care practices, and a wide range of resources available to families. | Lecture + Q&A.
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The Empowered Caregiver: Navigating Long-Term Care After COVID-19
Online - Zoom
1:30PM to 2:45PM
May 19, 2021 to May 26, 2021
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Class sessions are recorded.

Recommended reading: Willetha King Barnette and Harold Barnette, The Caregiver's Secrets (9780998203225)