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The goal of the course is to look at documentary photographers who use different techniques to tell a story or document a place or event. The emphasis will be on building vocabulary and appreciation of the many ways documentary artists make choices. This begins with their equipment and extends to compositional and ethical questions. Before photography, painting and sketching carried the responsibility for immortalizing great events and important people, but not ordinary people. Photography became a powerful tool and brought a new perspective to the idea of using images to communicate and preserve information. From large format cameras to stereoscopes, pinhole cameras, and the SLR camera, documenting became more popular and, eventually, available to everyone. Each class will look at three or four key ideas. If interested, students will have a chance to do a mini-doc project for the last class. | Facilitated discussion.
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Documentary Photography: Story Through Image
Online - Zoom
1:30PM to 2:45PM
May 17, 2021 to Jun 28, 2021
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Please note: The instructor's preference is students can use a cell phone to take a picture if they don't have a "real" camera or if they just prefer the simplicity of using their phone.