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What are you seeking from community engagement at this point in your life? The overarching goal for this course is for participants to identify a path for themselves to personally and meaningfully engage with the Durham community. Designed and facilitated by members of OLLI’s Community Engagement Committee, the course will interweave insights into the events and forces that made Durham what it is today; discuss the pressing issues we face as a community today, including education, housing, and health; encourage structured reflection; and present a variety of opportunities for engaging with and building a better community for all Durham’s citizens. Whether you are new to the area and/or retirement or have called Durham home for a long while, everyone is welcome. | Active participation.
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Community Engagement: Finding Your Path to Meaningful Involvement in Durham
Online - Zoom
1:30PM to 3:00PM
Sep 13, 2021 to Nov 15, 2021
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Please note: While the course will incorporate short presentations and guest speakers from the community, there will also be a high level of participant engagement, including: structured reflection, sharing and discussion in small groups (in breakout rooms) and large groups, and Q&A. We want the class itself to become a community and participants to learn from one another and meet others who share similar interests and commitments. For this reason, we encourage participants to miss as few classes as possible. Classes will not be recorded.