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The course will endeavor to relate the history of French women throughout the centuries. Loved, admired, sung, idealized but also reviled, vilified, mocked: the French woman was all of these. Dependent on her father or husband, she endured submission for centuries, with a few exceptions, like Christine de Pisan, Blanche de Castille, Alienor d’Aquitaine, and Olympe de Gouge. Others fought to prove that they could get a degree and think. The World Wars were a turning point, showing that women could perform men’s jobs and stand on their own. The period of submission would slowly be replaced by a period of rebellion, such as Le Mouvement de Liberation des Femmes. We will consider to what extent women have reached equality today. Examples from history and literature as well as paintings and YouTube videos will illustrate how the fate of French women evolved. | Facilitated discussion.
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L’Histoire des Francaises
Online - Zoom
1:30PM to 2:45PM
Sep 23, 2021 to Dec 02, 2021
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Prerequisite: Students should have a high-intermediate or low-advanced level of French and an ability to access documents on the instructor's website and on the Internet.

No class on November 25.