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The explosion of glass as an art form over the last 30 years has roots that extend back over 3,500 years. After a brief introduction to glass chemistry and structure, this course follows the historical development of both utilitarian glass and art glass from Phoenicia, Egypt, Rome, Islamic lands, Venice, England, Germany, and the United States. Material covers artistic methods along with the people who advanced both glass art and art craftsmanship—Galle, Daum(s), Tiffany, Littleton, Chihuly, and many others. There is particular emphasis on the glass objects of the art nouveau and art deco periods and their relationship to the other art movements of the time, as well as post-World War II and contemporary glass art objects. Many examples of art glass pieces and forming methods will be shown. | Lecture + Q&A.
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Artistry in Glass: Antiquity to the 21st Century
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9:00AM to 10:15AM
Sep 14, 2021 to Nov 16, 2021
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