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In the midst of the difficulties and good times of late adulthood, there is an amazing grounding and balancing that takes place, allowing us to find more joy and peace than ever before. In this course, we will reflect on our lives and culture to understand how and why we are who we are at this time in our lives. Just as importantly, we will consider what we want for the rest of our lives, and how we can stay vibrant and alive throughout the joy and pain. Specifically, we will explore how everything that we have known and built in the first stages of our lives starts to change, including our relationships. Despite all the ups and downs in our lives, we still have dreams for the future. What are they now? We’ll also look at ways the media has influenced our society, and why it has affected our self-image as women and as a generation (boomers and Gen X-ers). This will give us a better understanding of the impact of our culture on us as aging women. | Facilitated discussion.
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Both Sides Now: Reflections on Women at Midlife
Online - Zoom
9:00AM to 10:15AM
Oct 11, 2021 to Nov 15, 2021
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Please note: All that is needed for this course is an open mind and a willingness to have open dialogue! This is going to be quite an adventure!! While "Empowering Women" is not required reading, the instructor believes it is a fitting supplement for this course, as the author was an amazing leader, author, and speaker and a great influencer for women of our generation. Recommended reading: Louise Hay, Empowering Women (9781561706099)