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ONLINE: Your genes impact you and your family in many ways and for many generations. This online course will explore how genetics contributes to an individual's personal characteristics, health and disease, and response to medications. We will review your personal and family health history as a first step to understanding your risk of inheriting a trait or developing a disease. Many companies offer testing for genetic traits and diseases directly to consumers (DTC testing). But what tests are scientifically valid? We will discuss this and ethical issues related to DTC testing, such as confidentiality, ownership of specimens and results, and potential insurance discrimination. In addition to instructor presentations, class participants will (1) construct a three-generation family health history, and (2) break into small groups to research specific diseases. Each group's disease research will then be shared with the class. | Lecture + Q&A.
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Is It In Your Genes? Genes, Health, and Disease
Online - Zoom
1:30PM to 2:45PM
Jan 26, 2022 to Mar 30, 2022
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Class sessions are recorded.

Please note: The book provides optional background reading on some of the topics we will be discussing in class. Recommended reading: Francis S Collins, The Language of Life: DNA and the Revolution in Personalized Medicine (9780061733185)