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ONLINE: In this online, hands-on course, participants will learn to interpret clues from the auction and opening lead to plan and execute the play of a notrump and a suit contract. Using state-of-the-art bridge teaching and playing platforms, participants will learn how to count sure tricks in notrump and losers in suit contracts, develop tricks, and eliminate losers using various declarer play techniques. These techniques include promoting winners, establishing a long suit, finessing, trumping losers, managing entries, counting, safety play, and combining chances. | Active Skill Learning.
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Playing a Bridge Hand
Online - Zoom
1:30PM to 3:30PM
Jan 25, 2022 to Mar 29, 2022
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Prerequisite: Participants must have completed one of the following OLLI courses: The Language of Bridge or Modern Bridge Bidding I. The recommended book is an excellent reference source.

Required supplies/fee: There is a $20 fee, payable to the instructor, for 10-week access to the online playing platform.

Required reading: Eddie Kantar and Barbara Seagram, Introduction to Declarer Play (9781771400565)

Recommended reading: Barbara Seagram and David Bird, Planning The Play of a Bridge Hand (9781897106518)