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ONLINE: Become an insider and experience what it was like to be an innovator and trendsetter in the late 1970s. Watch, listen, and discuss Macy’s New York advertisements, press clippings, and other cultural archives that reflect this pivotal time in history. In this course, you will discover who and what created major lifestyle movements and moments in New York City that influenced the world in the late ’70s. Hear from our guest speakers how the power of brainstorming and creative collaboration inspired and stretched the imagination. Learn the creative process for directing the world's largest department store, and how the decade's fashion, movies, music, athletics, technology, and nightlife have shaped our lives today. Imagine what the future might hold. Celebrate the emerging creative spirit we all have inside us, and explore how you can make a difference in your own unique way! This lecture course will include keynote presentations and videos with Q&A discussions. | Lecture+Q&A
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The Creativity of the Late ’70s: How It Shaped Our Lives Today
Online - Zoom
11:00AM to 12:30PM
Jan 25, 2022 to Mar 22, 2022
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1. Macy’s, the World’s Largest Department Store & Setting the Stage Tom Raney, a retail marketing expert at Macy’s New York, directed the creative content for all media, including print and broadcast. At Neiman Marcus, he directed all aspects of their national advertising, public and press relations, special programs, and events. 2. From the Locker Room to the Fitness Boom & Beyond TBD 3. Fantasies of Power & the Superheroes TBD 4. Tear It Down & the Punk Subculture TBD 5. Remember Annie Hall, La-di-da& the Evolution of Androgyny Dressing TBD 6. The Rich & Famous Amy Fine Collins was special correspondent at "Vanity Fair" for more than 25 years, and is now editor at large at "Air Mail." An owner of the International Best-Dressed List since 2003, she was inducted into its Hall of Fame in 1994. Her most recent book is "The International Best-Dressed List: The Official Story" (Rizzoli) 7. May the Force Be with You & a New Sci-Fi Generation Linda Mason, from New York, is an internationally recognized makeup artist, cosmetics entrepreneur, visual artist, and filmmaker whose work is characterized by her vivid and creative use of color. Linda’s innovative makeup was first seen on runway models in Paris and Milan in the late ’70s. 8. Studio 54’s Excessiveness, Mudd Club’s Rawness & What’s Next Freddie Leiba, from New York, is one of the a leading celebrity stylists in fashion today. His career began working with Andy Warhol, launching the groundbreaking "Interview" magazine. As a designer, Freddie works with the legendary Ian Schrager, creator of Studio 54, designing uniforms for Schrager’s innovative boutique hotels around the world. 9. The Dawning of Tech & What the Future Might Bring Keith Botha, from San Francisco and the metaverse, is a creative director, art director, digital artist, and collector. He will give us an insider understanding and will open our eyes and imaginations to what is happening right now in the fast-paced tech world, where digital art and entertainment are colliding and inventing a whole new world.