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ONLINE: Artificial intelligence is not magic, as the media sometimes makes it out to be. In many respects, it is quite simple, and a lot of fun to play with. If you are skeptical, just try this link: quickdraw.withgoogle.com. There is no theory or math in this online course, just the joy of playing with this new technology to create poems, songs, art, and more. Each session will feature hands-on applications. We will demonstrate an application and then provide a link in the chat for you to experience the application. By the third class, we will introduce a very straightforward AI system for you to train. You can quickly get it to distinguish between an apple and an orange, among different coffee mugs, or even between two people. Or you can train the AI system by body movements or sound. Please bring your most playful self to this online course! | Active Skill Learning.
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Using Artificial Intelligence: A Hands-On, Nontechnical Adventure
Online - Zoom
1:30PM to 2:45PM
Jan 26, 2022 to Feb 16, 2022
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