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UPDATED 1/7/22 - ONLINE: Why are many animals social? What are the different ways that animals, including humans, are social? What good is being social anyway? In this in-person course, we will learn about the ecological drivers, mechanisms and evolutionary origins of animal sociality to understand the emergence, function and diversity of animal social behavior. We will address "mysteries" in the study of social behavior: how cooperation can evolve when cheating pays off, how animals communicate with each other using senses we don’t have, how genes control behavior, and how sociality relates to health. We will cover a large range of species, including humans, and we will cover many topics, including fighting, mating, social learning, dominance hierarchies and the evolution of sociality. The course will be lecture based, with some activities and discussions. We may assign short popular science readings or videos, such as sections of nature documentaries. | Lecture + Q&A.
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Why Be Social? The Science of Animal Social Behavior
Online - Zoom
11:00AM to 12:30PM
Jan 27, 2022 to Mar 31, 2022
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