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UPDATED 1/7/2022 - THIS CLASS IS CANCELLED. : Through expert speakers and class lectures, this course will explore options for continued independence as aging progresses and life-care needs change. In four in-person sessions, we will look at the challenges and opportunities that come with aging, and survey the options available for extending independence and promoting quality of life through home, community, and/or continuing care services. Our focus will be on aging in place and retirement communities. We'll consider the suitability of your home and your community for aging in place and various options for home care services. We’ll discuss what differentiates retirement communities from other senior communities. In the last six weeks, we'll visit a number of continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) to learn about the services they provide, their contract models, their entrance and monthly fees, and the nature of their waiting lists. Questions are encouraged. | Lecture + Q&A.
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Stay Put or Move On (SPOMO)
10:00AM to 1:00PM
Jan 25, 2022 to Mar 29, 2022
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  • Durham
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UPDATED 1/7/2022 - THIS CLASS IS CANCELLED. Please note: Due to the ongoing pandemic, some site visits may be omitted. A weekly email will be distributed to assist with preparation for the next week’s class. Additional resources are posted to a course website.